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Widerøe Flights

Widerøe Information

Whether you are planning a holiday or travelling for work, we know that Widerøe is one of the best and most recommended airline carriers. We will help you find cheap flights with Widerøe. Thanks to our easy-to-use website, you can also find the best place to reserve your hotel and car rental service.

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Widerøe Fleet: 42 aircraft

Widerøe Fleet Details:

Aircraft Type Aircraft Aircraft Number
De-Havilland-Canada DHC-8 Dash De-Havilland-Canada DHC-8-100 20
De-Havilland-Canada DHC-8-200 3
De-Havilland-Canada DHC-8-300 8
De-Havilland-Canada DHC-8-400 11

Widerøe in-flight services and entertainment:

Widerøe baggage (allowance, excess fees):

Founded on: 19-02-1934

Fleet Age (years): 16.1

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Airport codes


Trip dates

Flight Svolvaer Bodo SVJ - BOO £48 27 June
Flight Aberdeen Bodo ABZ - BOO £285 19 to 26 July
Flight Gothenburg Kiev GOT - KBP £152 22 February
Flight Andoya/Andenes Riga ANX - RIX £363 30 January to 06 February
Flight Andoya/Andenes Riga ANX - RIX £174 30 January
Flight Andoya/Andenes Kaunas ANX - KUN £299 30 January
Flight Oslo Gothenburg OSL - GOT £75 02 February
Flight Aberdeen Stavanger ABZ - SVG £113 07 to 10 April
Flight Oslo Sogndal OSL - SOG £153 08 to 12 March
Flight Bergen Sogndal BGO - SOG £164 08 to 12 March
Flight Aberdeen Stavanger ABZ - SVG £137 08 to 12 May
Flight Stavanger Aberdeen SVG - ABZ £60 17 July
Flight Hammerfest Honningsvag HFT - HVG £58 27 July
Flight Bodo Trondheim BOO - TRD £84 15 April
Flight Kristiansand Bergen KRS - BGO £143 03 to 04 July

Based on latest flight's searches. Last update: 24/01/2017

Widerøe (WF/WIF)

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