Flights Iceland

What makes Iceland a fabulous tourist destination is undoubtedly the striking contrasts of nature. Located atop one of the most active volcanic hotspots and lying next to Artic Circle, this Nordic Island nation is a paradise for nature lovers. But that’s not all. Iceland also boasts a colourful culture, unique cuisines, stunning arts and pulsating party venues, attracting tourists of all kinds. And thanks to the numerous cheap flights to Iceland that make the option of flying a pocket-friendly affair, the country attracts scores of sightseers every year. There are 39 airports in Iceland, and you can find several popular airlines offering flights to Iceland, including WOW Air, IcelandAir, EasyJet, and British Airways, amongst others.

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From mineral-rich spas and ancient geysers to breathtaking waterfalls and open-air museums to ancients building and quaint towns, Iceland offers a myriad of experiences. Flying to Iceland? Don’t miss to take a stroll through the bizarre Raufarholshellir and admire the ice candle-lit lava-tube cavern and saunter filled with lava formations. Visit the most popular Gullfoss waterfall and be amazed by its captivating landscape. Prefer solitude? Hike to the tucked away Glymur, one of Iceland’s highest waterfalls. Party all night in the charming small town of Reykjavik, which also happens to be Iceland’s largest and capital city. And check out these must-see places before you fly back home:

  • The Blue Lagoon – A massive naturally heated pool
  • The Glacier Lagoon – A spectacular glacial lake
  • Árbæjarsafn – An open-air, historical museum

The most popular months to visit Iceland are July and August, as the weather is relatively warm and days are longer than the rest of the year. It is also the peak whale and hiking season and a lot of summer festivals happen during this time. For booking cheap flights to Iceland during the summer season, simply plan your trip a couple of months ahead.

Flights to Iceland usually land at the Keflavík Airport, which is a scenic 45-minute ride away from the city centre. There, you can find some of the best hotels in Iceland. However, if you are flying to Iceland during the summer months, flights to Iceland stop at the Akureyri Airport, which is only a 5-minute drive from the city centre. car hire in Iceland is available in both these airports. You can find reputed companies, like Thrifty, Hertz, and Avis.