Flights Peru

The wonderful country of Peru sits down one side of Latin America. It is hilly, fertile and has a fascinating past and culture. Many people visit on holiday, and there are cheap flights to Peru all year round, although tourism tend to flourish in the Summer months or over Christmas. Flights to Peru leave from main airports, and it is an exciting destination worth doing a bit of research about before you go.

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Famously, this is the country of the ancient Inca Indian culture, and their wonderful architecture can still be visited. There's also a great range of Catholic buildings to explore, and the two cultures have mixed into what is now modern Peru, with Lima as it's sprawling capital city. A place with a preserved colonial centre, people often combine following the trail of the Incas with a stay in this lively, modern city, and here's a few reasons why:

  • 'Machu Picchu, ' and ancient hilltop temple is one of the world's wonders.
  • The ornate, 'Cathedral of Lima', also has a museum to enjoy.
  • 'Cusco Cathedral' is also a great building in the city of Cusco.
  • Try, 'Huanchaco Beach,' lively but a lovely holiday spot.
  • Visit, The 'Casa del Moral' a large house built around 1730 in Arequipa, for a glimpse of colonial life.
However, this is also a place for also enjoying the culture! There's a lot of diversity, and colour thanks to the Spanish influences, as well as more ancient ones. Music and food is good, and especially listen to the pan pipes music. For accommodation, try, hotels in Peru where you'll find everything from small boutique to resort hotels on offer. Great as a winter destination, look out for cheap flights to Peru, because to see all that this country has to offer, you may want to take local flights too.

Flights to Peru all arrive into one of around 10 international airports. Local transport varies of course, and there's always taxis, but for a great way to travel around locally, a hire car really is best. Try car hire Peru for good deals.