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Hundred of thousands of people travel to Pakistan every year, and flights to Pakistan are, frequent and go at all times from all airports. A strong centre of business too, with strong links to Europe, this is a diverse country full of 21st century technology, but with an old culture. Cheap flights to Pakistan sell out quickly and all the time, as many travellers have family connections with this fascinating country.

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Sandwiched between India and Iran, Pakistan is a country full of diverse countryside to enjoy. The city of Lahore is ancient, and has some wonderful Islamic architecture. The country is mostly Muslim too, but it's not as strict as Iran. The shopping is good, and there is a good cuisine, it's not unlike Indian food, and there's stunning scenery. Here's a few ideas:

  • Lake, 'Saiful Muluk' is beautiful, and sits near the Khyber region in the mountains.
  • Try a visit to the elegant, peaceful 'Shalimar Gardens' in Lahore is a welcome break from city bustle.
  • 'The Lahore Fort' was completed around 1556, and is a great place to visit.
  • The Ancient 'Baltit Fort', set on top a high hill, dates from the Hunza times, 700 years ago, and is a UNESCO site.
  • For an overview, 'Lahore Museum', has a lot to offer and is a great building.
There are lots of hills, valleys and lakes in this country, and it's easy to see how the famous Punjabi horsemen developed. however these days, there's more modern ways to travel. There's also a wide range of hotels, try hotel in Pakistan for some good deals on everything from budget to luxury accommodation. There's also some fabulous Mosques to visit . So get looking for cheap flights to Pakistan from the UK today!

All flights to Pakistan arrive into several International Airports in Pakistan. Onward transport is with taxis and some local transport, but for the best way to travel, hire a car. Try, car hire in Pakistan, for a good deal, and pick up from the airport, for a stress free way to see Pakistan.