Flights Sweden

Sweden is a country of contrast. The landscape varies from rolling fields to craggy mountains, dense forests to golden beaches and frozen lands to the north. The cities also have their own distinct personalities and it is very easy to find cheap flights to Sweden.

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With so much to see in the country, it is a fantastic destination for that will suit everyone. Try to include visiting:

  • The Stockholm Archipelago
  • An ice hotel in the north
  • The Bohuslän Coast
  • The Småland Museum
  • The Göta Canal

Stockholm is famed for being one of the calmest, most beautiful cities. Built over 14 islands it is accessible, cool and pristine. The old part of the town, Gamla Stan is a mix of narrow cobbled streets, alleyways and story book buildings. In contrast, the modern side of the city shines. The malls, galleries and museums are the latest in style and modernity. Stockholm has the largest airport of the and many flights to Sweden arrive here. Lapland is located in the north of the country, it's a great place to discover how the indigenous people of Sweden live, try dog sledding or stay in an ice hotel. A popular place to visit is Gotland, an island characterised by tall rock formations on the beach. The main town, Visby has a medieval feel. The popularity of spas in Sweden is famed throughout the world, so a visit to the country isn't complete without one. Many spas are attached to hotels in Sweden and in a beautiful setting. For the Swedish, physical and metal well being go hand in hand with nature. The Vasa Museum is a 17th century ship which sunk when it was launched, over 300 years later, it was salvaged and restored and is the most popular museum in the country.

One way to make the most of your trip to Sweden by car hire Sweden hiring a car to see the sights that are often over looked. Depending where you are visiting, cheap flights to Sweden can be found to the north (Luleå Airport) or south of the country (Malmo or Stockholm). The country has so much to offer, so search our website for flights to Sweden and plan your next trip.