Flights Turkey

Thousands of holiday makers fly to Turkey every day,and there are many cheap flights to Turkey at all times, and from many airports. Sitting at the cross roads of Europe and Asia, Turkey has a rich, fascinating culture and history. However, it is also one of the most productive countries in Europe, and so many business people and students travel there too.

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Turkey is a very clean, relaxed, friendly place. With many different religions sitting happily side by side, the Turkish value freedom and education highly. Perhaps take your flights to Turkey, for a trip to Istanbul, full of legendary for sightseeing, eating and shopping, but there are some other wonderful places to see too, so here's a few ideas:

  • A visit to the 'Pamukale terraces', and Thermal Spa, with the nearby Hierapolis ruins is spectacular.
  • The underground restored 'Basilica Cistern' dating form 542AD gives a wonderful glimpse of ancient Istanbul.
  • A visit to the 'Grand Bazaar' in Istanbul is a fabulous place to buy a Turkish rug.
  • 'Konda' in the centre, is famous for being a very old city as well as for the, 'Whirling Dervish' warrior dancers.
  • Antalya on the southern coast, is an ancient city surrounded by fabulous hills and loved by tourists for it's beaches and culture.
The beaches stretch right along Turkey's coast and cheap flights to Turkey often form a part of a great Summer holidays for northern Euopeans who flock to enjoy the blue waters, lovely scenery and food. For great hotels to match, at all budget levels, try hotels in Turkey which has everything from all inclusive deals to business hotels to choose from as well as boutique style hotels, which make any trip special.

With flights to Turkey arriving at any of seventeen international airports, getting to most places in Turkey is easy. Local transport is also quite good, and taxis normally inexpensive and safe. However for freedom and flexibility, why not hire a car? Try, car hire in Turkey , where there's a choice of everything from luxury to budget cars to choose from.