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Tips in the world

Tips in the world
Trying to guess when and how much to tip when you are in a foreign country can be problematic. Waiters, taxi drivers, hoteliers: should you tip everyone?

While tipping is the norm in the United States and North America in general, it is not customary in many parts of the world. In fact, in some countries like China and Japan, people will be offended if you tip for services rendered. Before you go on a trip, it may be a good idea to learn about the common practices of the countries you visit.
Rules and habits change from country to country, so it is difficult to know how much you should tip. So here is a list of tipping habits in some of the most visited countries in the world:

- Germany: Germans do not leave the rest on the restaurant table, it is better to specify the amount of the tip (usually between 5 and 10%) when paying.
- England: from 10 to 15%, check that it is not already included in the account as it is mandatory here.
- Belgium: the tip is always included in the bill but leaving something extra is much appreciated.
- Croatia: there is no obligation to tip but it is good practice to leave a tip if you are satisfied.
- Spain: the service is included in the bill but a 10% tip is very appreciated.
- China: tipping was banned for a long time but with the expansion of tourism it has returned to a more common practice in tourist resorts. Locals who provide a service to tourists will expect something as a sign of gratitude.
- United States: it should always be added between 15 and 20% of the bill, in some restaurants and clubs it is already calculated in the final price. However, it is advisable to be generous with hotel staff, taxi drivers and tourism employees.
- Japan: avoid tipping. In Japan leaving a tip can be an offense, many Japanese do not want to give the idea of begging.
- France: at the customer's discretion, you usually round up the bill and leave the rest.
- Italy: the service is included in the price but as for other countries, leaving a tip if you are satisfied is welcome.
- Holland: also in Holland the service is included in the price but it is used to leave a tip of about 10% if you are satisfied.
- Turkey: it is not mandatory but recommended, it is a sign of satisfaction much appreciated.
- Australia: here you don't expect to receive a tip but if you do, it would still be appreciated.
- Canada: you should always leave a tip ranging from 10 to 15% of your bill, to be increased according to your satisfaction.
- Egypt: for many workers in tourism, tipping is an important source of income. if satisfied, it is a good habit to give it.
- Russia: it is not mandatory but it is common practice to leave something to waiters or employees of tourist facilities.

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