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When you book flights to Berlin, get ready to enjoy:

  1. A sight of the Berlin wall: this historic edifice is covered in moving graffiti and remains in place in ruins as a symbol of the torn-down divide between East and West Germany
  2. Berlin Cathedral: a magnificent edifice that combines splendid architecture with a pervading sense of peace.
  3. Berlin Zoological Garden: the perfect place to take a young family. See some cool animals and enjoy a picnic in the shade in this huge garden style zoo.
  4. Charlottenburg Palace: a must-see attraction for anyone who likes their architecture steeped in history and grandeur.
If that has whetted your appetite, rest assured that there is plenty more to see in this city. So why not book yourself some cheap flights to Berlin right now and get ready for the trip of a lifetime?

Cheap flights to Berlin

Getting to Berlin, and getting around the city

There are cheap flights to Berlin departing every day from airports throughout the UK, including London, Edinburgh and Manchester (to name but a few). Arranging car hire in Berlin will make your journey from the airport to the hotel a breeze. Once in the city, there are plenty of options for getting to all the major sights. Tour buses, public buses, local trains (the 'S-Bahn') and the Underground (the 'U-Bahn') are all available. If you do not want to wait for public transport, though, a hired car will enable you to explore the city to your heart's content. You can also then explore the cities surrounding Berlin, and perhaps even make the most of your flights to Berlin by crossing the border into Western Poland for a day.

Flights to Berlin - Best prices

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Madrid - Berlin ryanair £12 One-way 12 March 13 days ago
London - Berlin (SXF) ryanair £15 One-way 09 April 3 days ago

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Berlin is a city that has it all. From quirky night club to smooth bars, and from stirring museums to beautiful parks and gardens, there are things for every type of traveller to enjoy here. So why not book yourself some flights to Berlin and start looking for a comfortable hotel in Berlin right now?

Weather forecast for Berlin
  • Tuesday 19
    Min 5 °C
    Max 9 °C
  • Wednesday 20
    Min 5 °C
    Max 10 °C
  • Thursday 21
    Min 1 °C
    Max 9 °C
  • Friday 22
    Min 2 °C
    Max 10 °C
  • Saturday 23
    Min 6 °C
    Max 14 °C
Climate in Berlin
  • Cold
    Rain (mm)
    Days of rain
  • January
    1 °C
  • February
    0 °C
  • March
    4 °C
  • April
    8 °C
  • May
    14 °C
  • June
    16 °C
  • July
    19 °C
  • August
    19 °C
  • September
    15 °C
  • October
    10 °C
  • November
    5 °C
  • December
    2 °C